About Us

Making the World a Better Place

one smile at a time

Kandi Wonderland's mission is to make the world a better place through joy.  We embrace peoples' right to expression.  I hope my art inspires you and those around you.  I hope it helps to foster connections and storytelling with others. 

This vision was made possible thanks to my late father, Bob Pace.  He was an incredible man who left a profoundly positive impact on the lives of those he touched.  He did this through making people smile and laugh, standing up against injustice, helping people in need, and sharing knowledge with those who cared to learn.  Kandi Wonderland is built off of the principles that my father lived by and taught me by example. 

In Loving Memory

When I was younger,

I thought I could change the world.

Now that I'm older, 

I know I can.

One person at a time,

One smile at a time,

We all can change the world.

Robert (Bob) A. Pace (1949-2023)

My dad was my biggest supporter and was so proud of what I was able to accomplish.  I have developed many skills over the years, and he always wanted me to start my own business.  Once he passed away, everything started to come together to make it a reality.  His spirit continues to support me as I pursue the development of my small business.